Crafting an Effective Marketing Strategy in a Digital Dependent World

Crafting an Effective Marketing Strategy

The digital world has disrupted the way we think and carry out much of our daily lives, including how we market to desired audiences. Strategies shift in order to keep up with the most effective means of reaching consumer groups. How does one cope with these unfamiliar challenges and changes? How can digital marketers create an impactful marketing strategy in a world that is increasingly reliant on technology? Bigfin has five ground rules to follow when discovering the best way to reach and tackle marketing goals in this ever evolving world. Continue reading to determine how to start building a structurally sound marketing strategy.

1. Set An Objective

Rule number one? Set an objective. More often than not, this is a common mistake clients make. They fail to understand their own goal. What is the ultimate digital marketing objective that needs to be achieved? Objectives can be anything from becoming a market leader in a niche industry, to decreasing delivery times on the floor. Whatever it may be, if it is not defined and understood early on, it makes it more difficult to assess any sense of progress or regress. Not sure where to start? Begin by analyzing Key Performance Indicators, also known as KPI’s, to get a better understanding of which objectives to set.

2. Learn From Past Mistakes

It is helpful to revisit past marketing strategies, including marketing mistakes. Ask yourself—what failed last time and how can it be improved upon? Take a peek at site analytics to determine traffic habits.  Are there any notable patterns? For example, an audience’s interaction with blogs may vary greatly depending on the time of day they are published. To take things a step further, invest in a social media management team. Bigfin has qualified individuals that post, track, and manage social engagement and interaction for a wide array of industries.

3. Stay Customer-Centric

It is vital to stay customer-centric when strategizing. Where do customers hangout online? What are their needs and desires? If your business cannot fulfill these, another one will.  Try developing and understanding buyer personas. Buyer personas include characteristics of a particular group of buyers, which includes demographic information such as, age, race, career, and etc. It even includes the emotional needs and even unconscious desires belonging to a particular market segment. Also take note of key influencers for each respective buyer persona. They are the ones that a marketing strategy should effectively target.

4. Identify A Budget Within Reason

Discover what you are willing to allocate towards your digital marketing strategy. Will you be dabbling in paid promotion, such as pay-per-click ads? What about content creation or social media management? If a certain element of your paid promotion strategy appears to be failing, maybe it is time to focus on a more organic route, such as SEO (search engine optimization).

5. Adapt

Quite possibly the second most, if not the most important part of crafting an effective digital marketing strategy is to learn how to be adaptable. Platforms and trends change quickly. Failure to innovate in today’s market leaves businesses exposed and vulnerable. Take a look at Kodak, for example. A company once known as a market leader became bankrupt by the same technology they invented. A business model centered on film did not stand a chance in the ever popular digital photographic world that they chose to ignore. Learn from Kodaks’ mistakes, be adaptable.

Bigfin Talks Marketing Strategy

Create an impactful marketing strategy in a world that is increasingly reliant on technology by following five ground rules. In summary, set an objective early on. Understand that mistakes must be understood and learned from before they can be avoided in the future. Additionally, get to know your customers! An in-depth understanding of the customer-base is crucial before successful targeting can happen. Once a realistic budget is set, the strategizing does not stop there. Innovate in order to survive in the fast-paced, evolving digital landscape.

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