Spring Cleaning – Freshen Up Your Logo with a Logo Redesign

Tidy Up Your Logo at Bigfin

From a design perspective, logos are the anchor of a brand. They are the one major graphical symbol of all that a brand represents. An excellent logo tells a story in a simplified, attractive, and memorable way. They inspire a sense of trust in products and services and can even help customers connect emotionally with a brand. Is it time your company takes on a redesign of the single most visible manifestation of your brand? Read on to discover all that a logo redesign can and should do for your brand.

Make it Unique

At Bigfin, we create unique logos and custom logo redesign solutions that creatively distinguish your brand from competitors. We achieve this by working with you every step of the way to ensure we know your logo redesign is exactly that—yours. Stand out from the rest of the pack in an aesthetically pleasing way with a fresh look.

Make it Representative

It is paramount to design a logo that is representative of all a company does. The designers at Bigfin diligently strive to emulate a representative balance between both the company core and the natural evolution of the company’s focus and future.  Societal pressures and evolving values have forced brands to adapt in order to stay relevant and connected to their target market. Therefore, a logo redesign can be a step in the right direction and helps convey progressive company shifts.

Make it Simple

When it comes to logo design, Bigfin understands less is more. More often than not, outdated logos can look cluttered and complicated. In contrast, simpler logos are easier to comprehend, which makes them more enjoyable to look at. According to How to Build a Brand, “A complicated logo design is filled with information, making it very difficult for the average consumer to commit to a memory.” This also means simpler logos enhance brand recognition because they are often much easier for customers to recognize. Let us help make your logo more recognizable in a simpler, re-imagined, and creative way.

Make it Functional

Simple logos are not only more visually stunning, but they also become more functional. Modernized logos are more scalable. They are easier to publish across all different types of media, including print, web, embroidery, promotional gifts, and more. Not to mention, a well-designed logo will grow with your company, and will not need a redesign anytime in the near future in order to stay relevant. The truth of the matter is that with every passing year, the logo you had made in the 80’s will look more and more outdated as your competitors update their brands. Just remember, change is good! is an industry leader in SEO and custom web design. Our comprehensive digital marketing solutions include logo redesign, social media management as well as content creation and blogging. Looking for mobile website solutions or mobile advertisingContact us online or by phone at (425) 822-8200.




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