LinkedIn Company Page Analytics Launched

Many in the world of websites and marketing are familiar with web analytics, which helps website owners track their online traffic, conversions and sales. Now LinkedIn, the popular professional networking site, is providing analytics support of its own for users with LinkedIn company pages.

With new analytics support added in last Wednesday, LinkedIn can now provide data to companies about which posts are performing best and driving the most engagement on LinkedIn. The analytics tool even helps companies gather some helpful demographic information about the people who follow them on LinkedIn which they can later use to craft targeted posts or for other types of marketing/business research. LinkedIn analytics is also useful for comparing how your brand is performing in relation to your competitors’ brands.

This new capability comes on the heels of an earlier move by LinkedIn to allow companies to issue sponsored updates, in which companies can pay to have specific content promoted on LinkedIn, a feature similar to Facebook’s sponsored stories.

How Do I Access Analytics?

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The Analytics tab is currently located on the top middle of the company page. Company page administrators can access data divided into two sections — company updates and followers. The company updates section reveals information about a post’s reach and engagement, while the followers section reveals “where followers are coming from, their demographics, trends, and competitive comparisons,” according to the LinkedIn Help Center.

The LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog has a helpful one-minute video that explains the features of the new analytics tab.

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