Instagram Micro-Video Clips Launched

Last week Facebook announced the introduction of a new Instagram micro-video sharing tool. According to many tech experts, this new video sharing feature appears to be the Facebook response to Twitter’s Vine app. Vine allows users to take and share six second videos, commonly referred to as “micro-videos”. But unlike Twitter,  “Instagram will allow users to edit clips and add its hallmark frames and filters to give videos a retro feel” according to Telegraph UK. Furthermore, the new Instagram video sharing feature increases the maximum micro-video length to 15 seconds compared to 6 seconds on Vine.

Why Would Facebook Introduce Video Sharing to Instagram?

It now appears that Facebook is using Instagram to get in on the new micro-video trend. The introduction of micro-video sharing comes on the heels of the recent addition of Facebook hashtags and appears to be yet another away for the company to compete with Twitter.

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