Maximize Your Website with Responsive Web Design

Mobile web browsing is projected to overtake desktop-based browsing within three to five years, meaning that if you have a website that is not compatible with new, ever evolving mobile technology your business may be in trouble. Is your company’s website compatible? If you are not using a responsive web layout, the answer is very likely “no”.

Responsive web layouts are considered by most experts to be the future of web design. But what exactly does a responsive web layout offer that other website formats do not?

  1. Great for SEO & Saving Money

If you need to target mobile devices on Google or Bing you have two choices: make a second site for mobile use only or use a responsive web design. Responsive web designed sites are more efficient as they can serve as both your desktop and mobile site. They even provide the same SEO benefits a second mobile site would without the effort and expense of actually creating and maintaining that second site.

2. Less Work

If your website is designed for a certain screen resolution, for instance a desktop, but is loaded on a different device, such as a phone, it may become distorted. With a responsive web layout you no longer need to generate a unique style sheet for every possible screen resolution to avoid this problem. Your website (images, text, and all) will automatically adjust to fit the new screen size.

3. More Browser Flexibility

When a customer launches your website in a browser window they can adjust the window’s size and shape as they need to. The responsive web layout’s fluid design makes it so images and text scale appropriately, meaning no frustrating excess scrolling or clicking.

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