Importance of Keywords and Keyword Research

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For online marketing, the first fundamental step in developing a successful SEO strategy is implementing effective keywords. Keywords, also known as search terms, are words or phrases that are submitted into search engines to find specific information online. Thus, keywords are essential as online users utilize them when reaching a website. works hard to develop an understanding of Keyword knowledge, as search engines, algorithms, and internet technology changes rapidly. Keyword research involves figuring out the value of search terms to help drive traffic back to your website and examine the competitiveness of those keywords. Explore this blog to further understand why keyword development is important for every business.

Understanding the Value of a Keyword

Creating keywords does not consist of merely guessing which words that might be successful for a website. Recognizing the actual value of a keyword requires considerable knowledge about a website, developing hypotheses, testing, and repeating to make sure the keyword(s) are applicable. As a first step, here are a few questions to keep in mind when figuring out the value of a keyword:

  1. Is the keyword relevant to your website and content?
  2. Will online users find what they intended to look for when using the keyword(s)?
  3. Will users be satisfied with what they find using the keywords?
  4. Will this traffic results and accomplish the goals you intended to reach?

If the answer is YES to all of the questions above, it is time to find the keyword(s) in leading search engines.

Finding the Keyword in Leading Search Engines

A simple trick to finding the value of your established keyword(s) is discovering other websites or businesses that also rank for your chosen keyword. This gives greater insight into the competition and understanding how easy or how difficult it is to rank for that specific keyword. Another thing to look out for is search advertisements. These ads are usually displayed on the top or right-hand side of organic results and usually indicate that a high-value keyword is being used, while multiple search ads indicate conversion keywords.

Success Rates

With that being said, it is imperative to know the demand for a keyword and/or phrase and the necessary effort that is mandatory to accomplish desired high rankings. For example, if high ranking companies are placed in the top 10 results for a keyword or phrase, it can be a challenge–and can even take years for new businesses that have just started out to rank high. Therefore, it is important to understand keyword difficulty and why specific keywords work better than others.

Three Ways to Find Great Keywords

With technology improving rapidly over time, search engines (such as Google) have focused on intent-based search. This type of search helps search engines figure out how to deliver the correct answer when an online user is looking for something very specific and clear-cut. Furthermore, instead of focusing on keyword phrases alone, results are now aiming towards online user’s intent and context. For example, someone could search for “Fast Food” and results would show fast food name brand restaurants such as McDonald’s and Jack In The Box. Or, results would be more specific with food such as burgers, fries, or keywords that most likely help the searcher find exactly what they are looking for. Here are three ways to figure out intent-based keywords to help get your business started.

Compiling Primary Keywords

Your primary keywords (or “foundational keywords”) should always match what your target phrase is as they give meaning and structure to the content of your business and website. One suggestion to follow to find foundational keywords is by understanding what phrases your clients or online users would commonly use to find your business online.

Auto-Suggest is Your Friend

Many major search engines typically have auto-suggest once you start entering a few characters into the search bar. By using auto-suggest, this can help select keywords to target. The suggestions that are listed could be possible keywords or phrases you might have neglected to use that are actually commonly utilized by online users.

Prioritizing Excellent Keywords

To measure the success of a keyword will come down to four prevalent factors:

  • Volume: regarding the amount of searches on a monthly basis
  • Keyword difficulty
  • Cost-per-click: shows what the value of a keyword is and also displays what advertisers are willing to spend
  • Competitive density: if the density is low, a customer retention strategy is created to develop closer relationships with customers and/or online users. If the density is high, a customer acquisition strategy is created to accentuate more innovation.

Importance of Keyword Research

Overall, keyword research and development results in finalizing keywords that are meant to target your business’ needs and specific goals. Once keywords have been established, can create a strategical plan for your website and also optimize its structure for search related purposes. With our developed list of initial keywords, on-page content is also optimized, while the top and most relevant keywords are utilized in the website’s URLs, meta descriptions, title tags, and more.

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