I’m A Follower and I Can’t Help But Be Followed

There is no question that social media spurred the beginning of true information sharing.

From keeping in touch with far away friends, to changing a job or ‘liking’ a link or favorite hotspot, nothing is gone unnoticed in your social networks. Phones start pinging on your ‘friends’ devices, e-mails are sent and your networks of connections are informed of your most recent update. This instant connection is awesome and incredibly useful. The day Michael Jackson, passed away I was pinged on Facebook, before the sad news hit any radio or news stand!

Whether it is a news site, social blog, or travel site, by following these syndicates on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn, you know instantly what changes or what deals are going on. If something interests me, by simply ‘liking’ something, my network instantly gets in on the latest and greatest (the phone pinging phenomenon/news-feed). By sharing a link on a new restaurant, my network automatically knows! If one of my friends then ‘like’s’ my link or re-posts it to their site, their network of friends is then exposed. Thus, I don’t have to be ‘in the know’ about all the hip and news worthy events happening around the globe and instead can rely on my ‘like’ happy friends.¬†¬†This waterfall effect within social media is viral and helpful for being an informed individual. So start following something new and encourage others to follow you, you’ll be impressed about how much you will learn!

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