How to Create a Company Logo That’s Memorable

Create a Company Logo that is Memorable

A logo is defined as a sign, symbol, or badge that conveys the identity of a product, company, or campaign. A logo combines with branding strategy to establish an easy to remember, identifiable presence. The best logos capture simplicity in one single mark or word.

Creating a Logo That’s Unforgettable

Have you ever met a person who was unforgettable? A company logo should have the same effect. Remembering a business after first seeing it is much easier if the company makes a mark on our subconscious minds. Logos have the power to make a lasting impression, and the qualities of logo design can be controlled through simple concepts.

How Great Logos Are Made

Designing a strong logo isn’t a one-step process, but done well, it can accurately capture the essence of the services or products you offer. A graphic designer’s job is to visually represent your company.

Step 1:

Design brainstorming sessions explore ideas for shapes, colors, and fonts. You’ll work with your designer as you go over options and come up with ideas.

Step 2:

The ideas that were discussed during brainstorming are formed into a sketch, and then transferring into the computer illustration built by a series of mathematical digital points.

Step 3:

The graphic designer prepares multiple logo options for you to choose from. A few additional edits may be made after you choose the design that represents your business.

Less Is More

Simplicity is a challenging concept for any area of design, but when done correctly, it’s highly successful. In an overwhelming age of marketing, consumerism, and brand competition, it takes great skill to create a company logo that leaves a lasting impression.

Purpose of a Logo Design

The purpose that a logo serves to a business has become different over time, as the pace of our lives increase, and the time to consume and react decreases. In the past, the logo requirements were minimal—there was no concept or need for targeted advertising like there is now. Fast forward to 2015, and a logo has as little time as ever to make an impact. Creating a simple symbol that resonates with the human subconscious is much more important than it was 100 years ago.

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