How Thoughtful Design can Enhance User Experience

Enhance User Experience by Bigfin

User experience, also known as “UX” is essentially the combination of every interaction someone has with a business’s website, app, or mobile site. The goal of UX is to meet the exact needs of a customer without inconveniencing them. Thoughtful web design creates a seamless experience that is both simplistic and natural for the user. At Bigfin, we design with users in mind. We help users do what they want to do, not necessarily what you want them to do or think they want to do. Does your website create painless experiences? Take the guesswork out of the equation and create something beautiful with Bigfin. Our websites evoke an emotion, a feeling, and a memorable experience that keeps users coming back. Read more on how four simple steps can enhance user experience.

Think Like a User

The first step in designing a well-thought out site, is to do just that—think. Think like the users.  Why do people most often land or intentionally return to the site? What does a user need to accomplish? For example, are they seeking out more information, watching videos, or making a purchase? All of these are acceptable options, but no matter what it is, each action must be done in five or less steps (not clicks). Bigfin can help ensure potential customers are efficiently completing actions. Let us get started on enhancing your user experience.

Understand Emotional Response

Next on the agenda is to get emotional. What feelings or emotions should the user feel when an action is complete? For example, when a purchase is made, feelings of happiness and excitement are a great place to start. Think of the website as a home. New users should feel welcomed and curious to explore. Thoughtful design can evoke different feelings through a combination of shapes, colors, sounds, and visual effects.

Flow Mapping

After some thought goes into thinking like a user and understanding emotional responses, it is time to sketch. At Bigfin we use a whiteboard to map out each frame and the overall flow of the site. It helps gives us a better sense of what needs to happen and when.

User Testing

Site testing, whether done informally or formally, can be extremely beneficial when creating a thoughtful web design. As long as a clear goal is determined beforehand, analytics from A/B testing can determine which experience best helps customers reach a desired goal. Bigfin typically starts testing early in the design process. We come up with more than one scenario on how to complete a task and have others complete each potential scenario. Afterwards, we ask open-ended questions that further our research into designing the best route in terms of clarity and efficiency. We also assess metrics such as time spent on page, bounce rate, and analyze heat maps to ensure the design is in tune with what is necessary to customers.

Designing a Thoughtful User Experience

Designing a thoughtful user experience does not have to be complicated. Simple steps such as thinking like a user, influencing emotional responses, flow mapping, and ongoing testing are the recipe for a delicious success.

Bigfin Creates Thoughtful Websites

Companies ranging from start-ups to major brands come to us for their web design needs because we excel at creating interactive experiences that are visually stunning and user-friendly. With over 10 years of experience, we understand what it takes to create sites that speak to your target audience. We help visitors immediately identify who you are, what you do, and how you can benefit them. Looking for mobile website solutions or help with search engine marketing? Contact us online or by phone at (425) 822-8200.


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