Google Voice Search Lets You Speak Your Search Terms

Siri taught a generation of iPhone users how convenient voice-commanded search could be — thousands of people use the handy personal assistant application despite frequently frustrating results and occasionally outrageous answers to queries. Not to be outdone, Google has created Voice Search, a voice-driven feature available with a level of speed, accuracy and usefulness that could put Siri to shame.

Google Voice Search makes it possible for users to speak their search term into the popular search engine and get a relevant list of results, just as they would if they had typed the search term, according to Google Chrome Forum.

What Are the Perks?

Voice Search allows slow typers to get the information they need more quickly and makes searching for hard-to-spell words easier. The new feature will also be handy for those with big fingers who have difficulty typing accurately on the tiny visual keyboards of smartphones.

How Do You Use Voice Search?

In order to use Google Voice from your laptop or desktop, simply visit the Google homepage using the Chrome browser, click the gray mic icon on the search bar and state your search term(s) into either your phone’s built-in microphone, or an external microphone if your device does not have a built in mic, according to Google Inside Search.

Smartphone users can use the Google Search App for iPhone or Android to use Voice Search for their devices. Chrome users on desktops and laptops who use Voice Search can even receive spoken responses by default.

Do You Think Google Voice Search Is More Helpful Than Siri?

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