More Google+ Changes

Google + has received yet another extreme makeover. Last Wednesday, Google implemented a total of 41 changes to the social network including self-editing photos, an improved messaging system, automatic hashtags, and a Google Hangout mobile application.

New Google+ Features

The new features are primarily intended to improve the Google+ social stream, Google Hangouts and photo sharing. According to  SF Gate, Google has added new “computer algorithms [that] sift through a big batch of photos uploaded online to find the best to share with friends”. This feature aims to take some of the guess work out of choosing which of photos will receive the most buzz. The SF Gate article also mentions new Google+ “filters that can reduce the prominence of forehead wrinkles and can compensate for over- or under-exposure.” Through this second feature, Google hopes to help eliminate the need for 3rd party image editing software.

Why So Many Changes?

Historically, Google+ has not enjoyed the same success as the most popular social networks and the changes appear to be part of Google’s latest push to add more users to the site. “Google hopes people will use the [new] photo tools to share more on Google+…members can choose to lay out their social stream in up to three columns that seem to combine elements from picture-centric social networks Pinterest and Flipboard.”

For those interested in seeing the new changes in action, see the Google video here

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