Google In-Depth Articles Explore Topics in Detail

Google recently launched a new “In-depth Articles” feature to meet the needs of users searching for more comprehensive information on a topic, according to a recent post in Google’s Inside Search blog. For example, if you enter broad search terms like “world poverty,” “immigration” or “genetically modified foods,” Google provides its standard search results along with a selection of relevant articles that explores that topic in greater depth at the bottom of the main search page.

Why In-Depth Articles?

Not everyone who enters a search term into Google is looking for a quick and easy answer to their query. In fact, Google’s research shows that about 10% of people are searching for meatier, more substantial pieces that explore a topic in greater depth.

What Constitutes an In-Depth Article?

While Google hasn’t revealed its algorithm for determining what ends up in the “In-Depth Articles” box, it’s safe to say that highlighted content tends to be high-quality, long-form pieces. A cursory overview of in-depth search results turned up articles from reputable publications like the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today. Results ranged from 2,500-3,000 words of information-rich material to 10-page pieces that include expert commentary.

Helping Google Find Your In-Depth Article

You can increase your chances of having your in-depth article show up in the “In-Depth Articles” box by following Google’s webmaster recommendations. These include using correct pagination and authorship markup, using an easily-recognizable logo, and more that you can read about in a Google help center article.

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