Google Glass Launches New Updates

Google Glass, the much-talked-about computer that you wear like a pair of glasses, has launched its first browser to make it easier for users to surf the web on the go, according to Mashable. On its Project Glass Google+ page, Google announced this recent update as one of a handful of improvements rolling out early this month to enhance the hands-free experience and improve search.

Improved voice control is another update for the device this month. You can now tell Google Glass to read a text message to you out loud, tell it to call or message people on your contacts list, or share photos with your contacts. For example, by saying, “Okay, Glass. Read aloud,” you can ask Google Glass to read you a text message that was just sent to you by a friend, the Project Glass page explained. Similarly, by saying, “Okay, Glass. Answer call,” you can answer your phone hands-free on the device.

Is Google Glass Available?

Google Glass is not yet available to the general public, but is currently being tested by a limited number of people that are dubbed “early adopters.” This program for early adopters, called the Glass Explorer program, is a means by which the company gets early public feedback and more data about how people will actually use the device. Google was apparently flooded with applicants to be part of the program, but the application process is now closed. However, Google has hinted that it will allow more people to test Google Glass in the future.

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