Google+ Email Capability Rolls Out for Gmail Users

Google recently rolled out a new feature that allows people who use both Google+ and Gmail to email people they follow on Google+ even if they don’t have their actual email address, according to the Official Gmail Blog.

How Do I Use the New Feature?

Google+ Email Capability Rolls Out for Gmail UsersTo use the new feature, simply open a new message and enter the name of the Google+ user you wish to email in the “to” field. Gmail will auto-suggest any Google+ connections with that name. Simply click on the Google+ user that you wish to email and you can send them an email.

Be aware that the new feature will not show you the person’s email address, which you will only see if the person responds to the email you send them, the blog explained. This helps protect the person’s privacy.

What If I Don’t Want My Google+ Followers to Email Me Like This?

Google+ Email Capability Rolls Out for Gmail UsersYou can adjust your settings to keep your Google+ followers from emailing you using this feature. Under settings, next to the “email via Google+” header, you are asked “Who can email you via your Google+ profile?” and your options include Anyone on Google+, Extended Circles, Circles, and No One. By selecting “No One” you restrict the new feature entirely.

Anything Else I Should Know about This Feature?

Google+ Email Capability Rolls Out for Gmail UsersIf someone reaches out to you via email using this new feature, they won’t be able to do so again unless you either respond to their message or add them to one of your Google+ circles, the blog explains.

If you’re not interested in connecting with a person who reaches out to you in this way, simply ignore the message and you’ll never hear from them again in that way. The same is true in reverse if you reach out to someone via this feature.

The Takeaway

The new Google+ email capability makes it easier for business owners to connect with their existing customers and even reach out to new customers through email. It has the potential to be a great marketing and networking tool for web-savvy professionals.

What Do You Think About This New Feature?

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