A Guide on how to Gain more Social Media Followers

Social Media Followers

Social media is an accumulation of online communication that is utilized for interacting, sharing, and providing input and collaboration. With over 2 billion social media users worldwide, the significance of implementing social media for your business is an opportunity that should not be ignored. For businesses that have already established a social media presence, it is important to retain followers and most importantly, grow the number of followers. Have your accounts been unable to reach new followers and potential customers? Explore Bigfin’s guide on how to gain more social media followers.

Consistency and Being Active is Key

Nothing is less beneficial than a business social media account that does not have enough content posted on a regular basis. The issue with inconsistency is the lack of attention you are providing your current and prospective followers. Outdated posts can make your business appear uninterested, or even worse—out of business for those visiting your social media page for the first time. Posting often or actively typically leads to social media growth in audience size and engagement. Therefore, it is important to be active and consistent on social media to gain followers. Try implementing a set schedule or post frequently, but avoid posting excessively.


Besides being consistently active on social media, engagement is another recommended method to gain followers. Generally, you can measure your engagement by analyzing the “impressions” of how many people are seeing your content.  You can also monitor user engagement by checking if users have clicked a link, “liked” (favorited), commented, or shared (retweeted) your posts. Each of these forms of interaction allows for content to be relayed back to a followers feed or profile. Monitoring your accounts will allow the capability of more online users to reach your content and updates, which can attract them back to your business profile with a potential like and follow. Make sure you post content that is relevant to not only your business, but most importantly your audience.

Stay Relevant

Every business needs to know their target audience. Then, you are able to know what your audience actually wants versus what you think they want. Understanding your target audience will also make creating social posts easier. Knowing your audience demographics (specific age, location, gender, interests, etc.) allows you to see what type of content appeals to them. Try exploring analytics or preview your posts: Which ones are performing better than others? Which posts receive more likes, comments, and shares? Explore which posts are most popular in order to understand what followers would like to see more of. If you need some assistance, post content that is original, personal, and relevant to your products/services.

The Power of Hashtags

Hashtags (#) are words, phrases, or acronyms implemented typically at the end of social posts to help organize and categorize distinct topics and specific content. They help your social media posts to become searchable and linkable, while filtering your posts to end up on a page with other posts that utilize the exact hashtag. Hashtags also allow your content to be discovered by a broad audience that you normally could not reach with a simple post. Therefore, those who happen to search for your given hashtag may preview your post and like and/or follow your social media page because it is relevant to them. Just throwing on a hashtag is not that simple. It is imperative to constantly research and understand what is trending. Avoid using simple and very broad hashtags (such as #business) because your post will get lost and compete with millions using that same hashtag. Make sure it is original and relevant to your business and audience.

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