Four Ideas for a Fresh Website and Authentic Content

4 Ideas for a Fresh Website

A website is a great step to establish your business online—but it should not stop there. Regardless of what your website looks like, it is imperative to understand your website is only as good as its featured content. A website’s main objective is to ultimately capture the interest of online users. Read on to discover Bigfin’s four ideas for a fresh website and authentic content to keep your audience captivated and engaged with your business.

Incorporate a Blog

A business blog is an excellent way to easily update your website and its featured content, utilize SEO strategies and link building, while engaging your audience. Blog content can be flexible as you can feature videos, lists, holiday content, infographics, and beyond—just as long as it remains relevant to your business. Take initiative to figure out your target audience and market to understand what they are searching online to curate your blog content. Combine content that is related to your business with the primary interests of your target audience in order to make the most of your blog and appear like an industry expert.

Focus on Keywords

Make sure your website’s SEO content is consistently optimized to help drive search engine traffic. Keyword optimization is a collection of your business’s most relevant keywords that are used to improve organic search visilibility. Keywords can provide understanding on what online users respond to, what they gravitate toward, and how they discovered your content. Use keyword research to determine keywords that are effective and are high in search volume during your content creation process.

Explore Online Trends

One of the best and easiest ways to obtain authentic content for your website is to tap into online trends. By discovering trending topics, you can utilize them on your website as engaging content that online users will be attracted to, also known as trendjacking. Equally, it is important to make sure trending topics are relevant to your site and used in a timely matter. Note: Try to stay away from content that can be perceived as controversial or callous.

Seasonal Content

Exploring the calendar is another great way to freshen up your website and content. With the holiday season already in session, take advantage of current holiday trends and ideas. For example, in the month of December, highlight key holidays, events, or even alter your logo with a fun santa hat. Most of all, always remember to be timely and original with season content. You do not want your content to get lost in the mix with other competitors.

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