Facebook Timeline Privacy Settings

Getting your Facebook Timeline Privacy Settings updated is easy to do with just a few clicks. Facebook’s Privacy FAQ section can be overwhelming to read, but here are a few simple changes to make now.

Find Facebook Timeline Privacy Settings

On the upper right of your Facebook page, click the little down arrow  and choose >> “Privacy”
Now that you are in the Privacy area, look around and make some changes. Most of the settings are common sense. If you do nothing else, set “Control Your Default Privacy” to a setting that makes you comfortable. “Public” means that everyone on Facebook can see everything that you post.  Also, be sure to take a look at the following settings:

Disable Friends Can Check You Into Places

Sounds innocent enough, but this setting can be used by bad guys to gain information about you and where you live. Turning off this setting is a no-brainer. Under “How Tags Work” >> “Friends can check you into places” >> Choose “off”.

Review Your Facebook App List

When you approve a Facebook app, you are typically giving it all your information: your personal information, your friends list, everything.  Look at the apps you have approved with a critical eye and make sure that the apps listed are worthy of having your valuable information. Under Privacy Settings >> “Apps and Websites ” >> “Edit Settings”.

Facebook 3rd Party App Settings

You can approve 3rd party apps, but your friends can approve apps too and give your personal information to their apps – and your friends may not be as particular or as discerning as you are. At least you can decide how much of your information you are going to let them drag along with them and give to any apps that they approve. Under Privacy Settings>> “Apps and Websites ” >> “How people bring your information into apps they use” >> “Edit Settings”. Your birth date is private information that bad guys can use, so uncheck that box at a minimum.

Facebook Timeline Privacy 3rd party apps

Enable a Secure Connection for Your Facebook Profile.

Does this mean that little green men are sitting outside your house trying to break into your Facebook account? No. But a secure Facebook connection is generally safer, especially if you login to Facebook while in a restaurant or at Starbucks. In the upper right corner click on the down arrow >> “Account settings”. In the left sidebar select “Security” >> “Secure Browsing” >> “Browse Facebook on a secure connection when possible”.

Setting Up App Passwords

It is possible to use a special app password when you are setting up a new 3rd party app so that you don’t have to use your Facebook account password. To set this up, click on the down arrow >> “Account settings”. In the left sidebar select “Security” >> “App passwords” >> “generate app passwords”.

Check Out Your Page in Public Search

When you are happy with your settings, take a look at what other people see when they find your profile via public search (if they are not a friend). Under “Privacy Settings” >> “Public Search” >> “Edit Settings”.

As Facebook continues to make changes to their web site, it is important to always check your profile settings from time to time to ensure your privacy is being protected.


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