Facebook Redesign 2013

A Facebook redesign for 2013 is on its way to your page and this time it will embrace a more minimalist design. According to an announcement from Facebook’s Menlo Park, CA headquarters “Facebook is revamping its network starting today to become consistent across all platforms by adding multiple news feeds based on categories of interest and putting a heavy focus on visual images.” Much like Facebook’s recently released graph search, the Facebook redesign 2013 hopes to make preexisting features easier to search and navigate.

What the Facebook Redesign Means for User Experience

The changes are geared toward making Facebook less cluttered, more personalized, and more mobile-friendly. The sleek redesign will incorporate significantly more white space, new features will allow users to quickly jump between photos and trending discussion topics, and users will have more control over the updates they see. According to founder Mark Zuckerberg, “the upgraded news feed would be like a “’personalized newspaper’… ‘We believe that the best personalized newspaper should have broad diversity of content. It should enable you to drive into any topic you want to discuss.’”

Major Features Of The Redesign:

  • Larger photo sizes
  • Subdivided news feeds that allow users to decide what updates they receive. A user will be able to receive all of their friends’ updates or choose to only see photos, status updates, music, events, etc.
  • A more mobile-friendly layout will be compatible across all internet browsing platforms.

When Will We See The Changes?

Facebook will begin rolling out the changes over the next few weeks. Previews of the new features are currently available for some desktop users.

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