Facebook News Feed Changes Again: Memes Are Out, Good Content Is In

Earlier this week, Facebook announced that its engineers made changes to News Feed that would allow the popular social network to show users more high-quality content.

Facebook hopes the changes will help users see fewer cheesy memes and more articles about topics they actually care about.

Why the Change?

Facebook has been tracking the data and noticed the massive increase in referral traffic from Facebook to various media sites in the past year, the Facebook Newsroom blog explained. Also, it’s no secret that Facebook is constantly vying with Twitter to be users’ primary resource for the latest news on everything from celebrities to politics to sports.

What Else Is Facebook Changing In News Feed?

Related articles

Related articles will show up beneath articles posted to your News Feed.

In addition to emphasizing high-quality articles in your News Feed, Facebook will soon be showing related articles under each article posted so users can learn more about topics of interest.

Another cool update is that older articles will be bumped to the top of users’ News Feeds when new comments on the article are posted by your Facebook friends.

This way, users can keep tabs on the conversations that are taking place around hot topics and current events.

The Takeaway

If your company is producing great content or blog posts, chances are your Facebook followers will begin seeing it more prominently in coming months. And if those articles and posts generate conversation? Your followers might start seeing that content bumped to the top of their feed again and again, keeping your company in the spotlight and boosting engagement with your brand.

What Do You Think About These Facebook News Feed Changes?

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