Facebook New Like and Share Buttons

Last week, Facebook began to roll out new “Like” and “Share” button designs, according to Facebook’s Developer Blog.

The Facebook new like and share buttons are intended to appear more prominently so users who come across interesting articles or other great content online will be more inclined to share it with their Facebook friends, a specific Facebook group or a page they manage.

How Are the New Like and Share Buttons Different?

The new Like and Share buttons feature a darker color, a different font and no longer contain the iconic thumbs up symbol, although the thumbs up symbol does make a cameo appearance in an accompanying comment box that shows how many times an article or page has been “liked” or “shared.”

The new button design will be rolling out over the next few weeks, so if you’re still seeing the old Like and Share buttons, the automatic upgrade likely hasn’t rolled out for you yet, the article explained.

What Does This Mean for Your Web Content?

As part of this update, people who write online content now have the chance to include the Like and Share buttons beside each other above their new article, or include the Like or Share button by themselves, like in the examples above. You can even use Facebook’s helpful configuration tools here and here.

Facebook emphasizes that the placement of the new Like and Share buttons can also make a difference in helping your readers and customers to share the content you make available online. The Huffington Post, for example, places the Facebook Like and Share buttons directly under its article headlines to give readers every opportunity to spread the article on Facebook and expand its reach exponentially.

What Do You Think of the new Like and Share Button Design?

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