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What is Facebook graph search?

A new social search feature will allow users to search their friends’ Facebook content for recommendations and information. For now, the Facebook Graph Search feature is limited to just a few of the 1 billion plus users on Facebook and will focus on people, photos, places and interests.

In a nutshell, this new social search feature allows you to quickly sort through your friends with a variety of sorting options. For instance, “which friends live in New York?” or “which friends liked the TV show, The Walking Dead?” The search is also intelligent- it can finish your sentences or rank your friends based on how much interaction you’ve had with them on your page. Facebook’s search tool won’t go through all your friends’ past status updates, but it can search through photos you’ve liked in the past or search for photos tagged between certain dates. Your photos can also be ranked by those that have the most likes.

Privacy Concerns

Making Facebook data easier to search has raised privacy concerns for some users. However, Facebook has assured it’s users that search results will display only content that has already been shared with that user. For more on how privacy works with Graph Search, click here.

When will it be available for all Facebook users?

Facebook is testing the feature though a limited beta in English. If you’d like to be among the first to try it when it’s available, you can join the waiting list here.

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