Download Facebook Photos From Timeline

Were you tagged in a photo on Facebook that you would like to save to your own computer? It is easy to download Facebook photos from someone else’s Timeline onto your own computer by following these easy steps.

1. Login to Facebook and navigate to the photo that you want to download. Then left click on the photo to see it in its Facebook Album.

Find the Download Menu

2. Next, move your mouse down along the lower right side of the photo and a little menu will appear.
Download photos to Facebook


3. Left click on “Options” and then left click on “Download”. A dialog box will pop up telling you that you are opening the file.

Download Dialog Box

4. Select “Save File” and then click the “Ok” button. Now your computer has saved the new image to your downloads folder so that you can easily access it.

That’s it! Your photo has been saved to your computer.

Did this post help you download a photo and save it to your computer?

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