Digg Redesign by Betaworks

A pioneer of the social media landscape, Digg has lost some popularity in recent years due to increased competition from social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Digg was recently acquired by Betaworks, who plans to produce an overhauled version of the Digg website to go live in just six weeks. Digg users and other interested parties can learn more about the Digg redesign by visiting, the team’s blog.

The team rebuilding Digg is responsible for, the app which compiles a newstream from your Facebook and Twitter feeds, for easier consumption. ┬áIf the quality of that app is anything to go by, the social media dinosaur couldn’t be in better hands. Betaworks has also said that will eventually switch to the Digg brand as well.

The Digg redesign is scheduled to go live on August 1st.

Fans of Digg can take a survey to offer their feedback here.


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