Welcome to the Dark Side – (Dark Mode) for Your Devices

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Can darkness help you see better? Yes, you read that right. Dark mode (or night mode) is a special feature on Android, Google, video game systems, iOS devices and more that can help you see the light—better. The traditional “white background black text” aesthetic has deteriorated the health of our eyes, causing eye strains for daily users. According to a survey by the Vision Council, approximately 60% of American adults are dealing with digital eye strain symptoms. Thus, dark mode was created to invert the color scheme of apps, themes, or entire device systems as a solution to improve visibility and ease stress on the eyes. Dive into our blog to read the benefits of implementing dark mode on your smart devices.

Protects your Eye Health

As previously stated, dark mode can boost or maintain overall eye health of device users. Beyond eye strain, individuals who constantly use their devices without the dark aesthetic can be at risk for retinal damage or even macular degeneration (worst case scenario). This can ultimately lead to permanent impaired vision and blindness. Plus, smartphones typically are built with blue light that can damage photoreceptor cells. Unfortunately, this damage is also irreversible.  Protect your eyes from further damage and start using dark mode, especially at night.

Improve Sleep with Dark Mode

As previously stated, dark mode can boost the health of device users. For one, it reduces blue light and screen brightness that not only affects your eyes, but your sleep. Blue light also illuminates a short wavelength from devices that signals alerts to the brain to essentially “wake up”. This can be a problem for night users or late-night browsing. Turn on dark mode at night to signal the brain to return to your natural circadian rhythms to help you sleep quicker and more soundly.

Energy Saving

While health is one of the most essential reasons to utilize dark mode for your devices, it can also boost battery life. Smartphones generally feature OLED screens that do not necessarily require backlight illumination. OLED screens also allow device users to turn off individual pixels on a screen. In fact, Google announced utilizing dark mode on such screens will increase battery life shown on their YouTube application:

  • 50% brightness will salvage 15% of screen energy
  • 100% brightness can save 60% screen energy

While these screens are common for Android smart devices, newer Apple devices such as the iPhone X, Apple watch, and newer Mac Book pros also feature OLED screens. Apple vows to drop LCD devices by next year and will implement the rest of their devices with OLED screens.

Cools Device

On top of preserving battery life, an additional benefit is keeping your device cool. Using night mode can reduce overall brightness with the inverted color scheme. With a brighter screen, your device will heat up faster and become hot. Protect your phone from further damage by switching to dark mode.

Dark Mode is Aesthetically Beautiful

Health comes first. However, dark mode is designed beautifully and is aesthetically pleasing. Black backgrounds help colors appear more vividly, especially graphics or dashboards. Plus, the color black provides an excellent contrast to make text more distinct and readable. Nothing is better than enjoying the functionality and overall design of your device or apps without any harmful health setbacks!

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