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We covered some SEO practices earlier this month, but our tips centered on the basics to get you going. This time, let’s talk about the future and a social site that could change your search efforts.

Right before the beginning of 2015, WordStream Inc. founder Larry Kim broke down the future of Twitter’s marketing possibilities. Amidst Twitter’s big plans is a focus on reaching not just existing Twitter users, but online users in general. The question is how to connect with casual browsers and searchers, and the answer is partly SEO.

The elusive users who view Twitter content but aren’t registered on the social site or logged in while viewing are called logged out users, and Twitter wants to grab this audience, which is good for your business—because you do too.

Better for Business

If your company has a large customer base and you’ve been using social media strategies, you might already have a sizeable, engaged online following via social platforms. But if you have a large customer base and haven’t implemented a social media strategy or your company is new, rebranding, or experiencing growth, your social accounts like Google+ and Facebook foster much traffic or activity. How do you get your current customers to find and engage with your social pages? How do you reach new customers using your social sites alone? Twitter plans to make the process of finding relevant content easier, which could aid your marketing efforts.

According to Larry Kim, Twitter has said they’ll use SEO to connect with more people. The company also plans to clean up content structure and subject-based search relevance. Kim advises that marketing industry pros take action now by looking at how to better optimize Tweets.

If you add a trending hashtag to an unrelated Tweet, readers will quickly dismiss both your content and credibility. Kim speculates that eventually “Google search keyword data may play a greater role in your Twitter content optimization,” applying SEO best practices to the social content you publish. A head start on approaching social posts with SEO could give you an edge as Twitter leverages search.

Social Media And SEO Are Related

Even now social media affects SEO. Part of ranking high on the search engine results page (SERP) comes from having backlinks, other sites that link to yours. Quality, relevant links will help the most, while inferior ones can actually hurt. When your company appears on social platforms with a link to your site, you’re helping tell Google that your business’ site is popular and credible, so Google should rank it higher in search.

Link Up

Once your site or social page receives traffic, you have to figure out what to do with those viewers. The profitable answer is engage. Build your brand by posting quality information, links and media, communicating with current and potential clients, and making yourself reachable via search and marketing channels. Kim points out that reaching logged out users calls for new methodology. If you want to capture the attention of the searchers who don’t want to create a Twitter or other account, you might need to lead them to your blog, for example, he suggests.

Set up feeds and embed buttons to stretch your Twitter reach, Larry Kim advises. Does your website have a link to your Twitter account? What about your LinkedIn, blog, and Facebook page? Integrate accounts for maximum exposure, and know you’re also increasing SEO just by inserting these relevant backlinks in social pages and content.

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