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5 Must Know Digital Marketing Terms
April 26, 2017

At, we focus on providing world class digital marketing campaign strategies, social media management, web design, and web development solutions. Our industry jargon, acronyms, and specialized terms can be challenging to grasp for anyone seeking first-time help from the pros, or for those who are new to the ever-changing world of digital marketing. To…

6 Common Social Media No-No’s You Should Strive to Avoid
August 16, 2016

Any successful business understands the importance of harnessing the power of social media. It can serve as an extremely effective bridge to not only your customer base, but prospective customers as well. In order to do this successfully, there are a few unwritten rules of using social media that every brand must understand. Try taking…

Importance of Keywords and Keyword Research
May 31, 2016

For online marketing, the first fundamental step in developing a successful SEO strategy is implementing effective keywords. Keywords, also known as search terms, are words or phrases that are submitted into search engines to find specific information online. Thus, keywords are essential as online users utilize them when reaching a website. works hard to…

How to Cope with Negative Reviews
March 30, 2016

Image courtesy of t0zz at Online consumers profoundly rely on the feedback and opinions of others to make decisions. Because of this reliance on feedback, a company’s reputation is paramount to consumers and businesses alike.  Approximately 88 percent of consumers are influenced by online customer reviews when making purchasing decisions. What happens when companies…

How Returns Spark Consumer Relationships
December 29, 2015

The holidays are over, sigh, and it’s that time of year where returns are more prevalent than ever.  Did you know the value of products that U.S. consumers return to the nation’s retailers each year exceeds 100 billion U.S. dollars? Here’s a fun fact: if one billion one dollar bills were laid end-to-end it would…

4 Tips for Handling Bad Yelp Reviews
October 09, 2014

If you want a good laugh, you don’t have to look much further than the internet’s giant treasure trove of funny Yelp reviews. But when your company’s reputation comes under fire due to bad Yelp reviews, it’s no laughing matter. Why Bad Yelp Reviews Matter The popular rating service is not to be ignored —…

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