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Surface Tablet, Mobile Websites, Browsing
June 20, 2012

On Monday Microsoft announced it’s new Surface tablet, which will be powered by the new Windows 8 OS. Until now, Microsoft has focused mostly on software development, so unveiling this shiny new piece of hardware is a somewhat unorthodox move for the company. Is Your Website Surface Ready? The Surface serves to remind us that…

Microsoft Launches Social Network
June 08, 2012

Last month Microsoft pulled the tarp off of its education-focused social network, This network, pronounced “social” is unique, in that it is designed for college students as a research tool. Users can search the web, using Bing of course, where they are then prompted to pick and choose search results that they feel are…

Chrome Overtakes Firefox but IE Still Leads
December 01, 2011

For the first time, Google Chrome has overtaken Firefox in world-wide market share according to a StatCounter Global Stats press release. Chrome edged out Firefox with a 25.59% market share compared to a 25.23% share for Firefox. Internet Explorer still leads the browser market with a sizeable 40.63% share of users, but Chrome market share…