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Bigfin’s Best Web Browsers in 2019
May 31, 2019

Web browsers provide a gateway to the internet, allowing online users to display, locate, and access online content. Generally, each desktop computer, PC, mobile device, or tablet features a default browser. However, that does not mean a default browser is always the best choice. With the wide assortment of competing web browsers today, it is…

Web Browsing Privacy
March 08, 2012

How can you increase web browsing privacy? It’s all over the news: Facebook is using tracking cookies and Google is combining your search data with information about the Google products you use. The big online companies are competing fiercely with one another and collecting your private information. Online Bill of Rights The government is working…

Chrome Overtakes Firefox but IE Still Leads
December 01, 2011

For the first time, Google Chrome has overtaken Firefox in world-wide market share according to a StatCounter Global Stats press release. Chrome edged out Firefox with a 25.59% market share compared to a 25.23% share for Firefox. Internet Explorer still leads the browser market with a sizeable 40.63% share of users, but Chrome market share…