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New Bing Design and Search Features
September 19, 2013

The Microsoft search engine Bing received a major design overhaul and added a new layer of insight to its search function in a recent rebuild referred to as the “New Bing,” the company announced. Microsoft is hoping the new Bing design— which includes a snazzy new logo — will lure more people away from the…

Canonical Tags and SEO
August 23, 2012

Canonical tags and SEO go hand in hand. The good news is, it’s easy to add canonical tags to your website pages to help prevent duplicate content issues on your website. As we discussed in the last post, these three different ways of linking to the same page would actually be considered three different pages…

Duplicate Content and SEO
August 07, 2012

Search engines consider duplicate content to be large sections of the same content that are found either within a single website or from multiple websites across the web. For this post, we will focus on fixing duplicate content that is accidentally created from within a single website. Duplicate Content and SEO Don’t Mix These three…

Microsoft Launches Social Network
June 08, 2012

Last month Microsoft pulled the tarp off of its education-focused social network, This network, pronounced “social” is unique, in that it is designed for college students as a research tool. Users can search the web, using Bing of course, where they are then prompted to pick and choose search results that they feel are…

New Bing Available Today
June 01, 2012

Microsoft has made the New Bing available today!  #BingSocial Read more

New Bing Incorporates Social Media Tools
May 24, 2012

Microsoft has released its “New Bing” search engine. The New Bing incorporates social media tools and brings social search to a new level by adding elements from popular social media sites,  a shiny new look, and a sidebar interface. The new Bing is divided into three distinct parts: Search knows, Bing knows, and Friends know….

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