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Whether you are looking for the latest technology in social media, blogs, web design, search engine optimization, analytics, email, or micro-targeting, we invite you to visit the website, which offers more information for your business whether it’s in Seattle, Bellevue or anywhere else in the U.S.

Online Marketing

Been thinking about how to attract your ideal customer? The Online Marketing//Advertising section of will step you through the technically smartest ways to attract your perfect customers. Micro-targeting technology, which is at the forefront of online marketing, is a great place to start. This technology narrows in on the specific behavioral or geographic characteristics of your ideal customer and allows you to speak to customers while they are browsing the internet. ‘Jane-Perfect-Customer-Doe’ will see ads for your company while browsing any site she happens to browse (ie, Wall Street Journal, ESPN, or Shoe-dazzle, solely because you have identified her as your ideal customer). This micro-targeting technology is available on PCs and mobile devices, has an excellent ROI and is 100% backed up by tracking technology.

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If you haven’t already checked out the NEW, I would highly recommend it. It’s packed with great ideas for new customer acquisition, smart websites and snazzy graphic design.

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