Benefits of Mobile Advertising

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Mobile advertising is experiencing immense growth. With more than two-thirds of Americans now owning a smartphone, advertisers are showing strong demand for mobile marketing. Many businesses have made large profits by promoting their business through mobile advertising. Since mobile ads reach the right target audience at their point of need, it makes this marketing strategy the more effective and popular choice. Businesses can greatly benefit from advertisements that go directly to customers’ phones. By learning all of the advantages of mobile advertising, new opportunities will be readily available to your business.


Most people keep their cell phones with them everywhere they go. This means that you are capable of reaching more potential customers regardless of where they are, unlike a few years ago when businesses could only catch a consumer’s interest if they were sitting in front of their desktop at home or work. Mobile ads can be exciting for customers and can encourage them to spread the word and share it with their friends and family instantly. This also encourages free publicity and can lead to more sales of the product you are offering.

Time Relevance

One of the major benefits of mobile advertising is time relevance. Unlike other forms of marketing, this marketing strategy allows you to reach customers with little or no delay. Since prospective customers keep their phones with them most of the time, you are able to send time sensitive messages, such as special events and notifications. Consumers can receive messages anytime and read them whenever they like.

Cost Efficiency

Mobile advertising is more cost efficient compared to other marketing platforms, such as television or radio ads. Since mobile ads cost a fraction of what other type of marketing ads would cost, more customers can be reached by spending less money. This is especially helpful on a tight budget. With mobile advertising, you can afford to send new messages to customers as well as repeat ones, to remind them of what you are offering.


Another advantage of mobile marketing is an increase in more customer intimacy. The majority of people are using their smartphones for personal messages and conversations with their friends and family. By tailoring mobile advertising messages to the expectation of users, you will be able to express a sense of intimacy. With this, you can build better relationships with your customers that can lead to more customer loyalty and repeat business. Mobile advertising also allows you to create low-pressure marketing pitches, which in turn creates a sense of friendliness with customers, instead of aggressive large campaigns that create unwelcome pressure.

Choose Bigfin for your Next Mobile Marketing Campaign

Mobile advertising provides a wide range of benefits to your business. Unlike other marketing strategies, mobile advertising provides the benefits of wider accessibility, convenience, cost efficiency, and most importantly – customer intimacy. If you are considering mobile advertising, let help your company’s message stand out above the rest and get the attention it deserves.

In order to be effective, your message needs to be skillfully crafted and presented. At Bigfin, we approach this rapidly expanding landscape with talent and innovation. We place your message in front of consumers who are most likely to respond to it because they fit the demographics and interests of your ideal customer. We get results.

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