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Email marketing is an important piece of a marketer’s outbound strategy. It can inform leads of sales and special offers, notify former customers of new products or services, or to simply send greetings and holiday cards. Email has been ridiculed for being outdated. However, it has still held its ground in a complex, constantly changing digital environment. Consider Bigfin’s email marketing suggestions to help attract leads, encourage action, and drive brand engagement.

1. Stop Sending Emails on Tuesdays

While Tuesdays are the most popular day to send an email, inboxes get over-saturated with messages. Try experimenting with different days, such as Mondays or Fridays. Emails with calls-to-action perform well on Saturdays, so do not be afraid to schedule weekend campaigns!

2. Personalize the Sender Email

Bigfin highly recommends sending email marketing campaigns from a personalized account. This allows recipients to connect with the sender, and it humanizes the interaction. Personalize the “from” email address to drive replies to a real person, rather than a “noreply@” email. Subscribers are more likely to reply when they understand where the email is coming from.

3. Do Not Fixate on Unsubscriber Counts

Unsubscribing is bound to happen and is perfectly okay. Unsubscribing means the sender was recognized, but the recipient chose to discontinue future communications. On the flip side, the email could have been mistaken for spam. This puts the domain reputation at risk and could lead to being blacklisted by email providers. If emails are getting flagged as spam, stop sending until it is understood why this continues to happen.

4. Properly Manage Unsubscribers

When using an automated email marketing tool, such as MailChimp, it is important to understand how the unsubscribing process works. MailChimp, for example, treats all lists in an account independently. When a subscriber unsubscribes, they are only unsubscribed from that particular list, meaning they could still be receiving emails if their email was tied to another list. If there are multiple lists within the account, Bigfin recommends to create one master list that future campaigns can be segmented from. The master list will help keep track of all current subscribers.

5. Create Intriguing Subject Lines

Mastering the subject line can be somewhat of an art. Marketers often wonder, “How do I create the perfect subject line that captures the recipient’s attention, while correlating with high open rates?” Try avoiding clickbait. Clickbait can lead to high bounce rates because users realize the subject line was not genuine and will quickly click away from the email. Try customizing and personalizing email subject lines. Open rates are statistically higher when the name of the recipient is added to the subject line.  Also, try adding numbers to the subject line. Digits naturally attract attention to our brains.

6. Understand Cause for Low Open Rates

Open rates can decline for a number of reasons. Sometimes content can be the culprit. Craft content that is useful and relevant to recipients. Too many emails can be another cause for low open rates. Sometimes, less is more. Try lowering the frequency at which emails are sent out.

7. Numbers Never Lie

Take a look at the statistics to understand what worked in the past. Refer back to former email marketing campaigns. Which content correlated with the highest open rates? What time of day received the most interaction? What type of subject lines work best? Try to understand the little victories among past strategies and try applying those to future email marketing campaigns.

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