5 SEO Tips for 2015

Our 5 SEO tips for 2015 are not tips you have never heard before, nor are they risky in any way. If you understand Google and the world of SEO you will know that risk is never the way to go. At Bigfin we simply perfect and improve tried methods that have worked over the years and are working for our clients every day. So, let’s get into it!

1. Create links. The art of creating links is not gone.  A link is a credible way to get people back to your site and looking at your products and services. Link building is not bad, but you can use the technique poorly. In 2015 focus on creating links with interesting content that people are happy to share.

Look at what Nordstrom is doing below with their SEO. They are sharing a phrase with a great photo and sending their customers back to their site with the corresponding link.

Nordstrom Facebook Page

2. Content, content, content! You have probably heard so much about content that you are starting to get bored. Don’t get bored: content is interesting no matter the business or service. Find something fascinating in your niche and write about it. The goal is to get your client or customer to see you as the expert. Oh, and pretty photos are encouraged.

Take a look at what Michaels has done with their blog on gift wrapping. And yes, you guessed it; they sell all of the products listed, which helps generate sales.

Michaels Wrapping Post

3. PR is a part of SEO. Another great way to get your brand in front of people is a little touch of PR. It’s not wrong to find a business that complements yours and tastefully promote each other via social media or  blog posts. For example if you sell wool hats and someone sells cashmere sweaters, cross promoting will benefit both parties. Simply send an email and ask a contact from the other business if they wouldn’t mind connecting.

In the example below the blogger at exPress- o has put together a list of hostess gift ideas that leads to the product pages for purchasing. Imagine how you could boost your brand reputation by creating connections with popular bloggers and content creators.

The Best Christmas Gift

4. Social Media is part of SEO. Social media and SEO are separate but one in the same. What else would you share on social media frequently besides your product or service and an understanding of why your ideal customer needs it? Trust us: it’s not annoying—people follow you to know about your brand.  And don’t forget to hashtag with relevant words so your online presence shows up in searches.

For an example of sharable social content, take a look at what FedEx is doing on Twitter; we particularly like the post, “A day in the life of a New York courier…”

Fedex Twitter

5. Use Google+ to your benefit. In 2015 there really is no reason not to use Google+. Google+ helps you with social media, link credibility, and local search. Use your business’ presence on Google+ to execute these five tips, and your marketing efforts will benefit. Google+ is connected and run by Google the search engine we all know and want to know us, so it’s a must for 2015.

Below is the Bigfin Google+ page with relevant articles and information for clients and customers to enjoy and share.

Bigfin Google+

SEO takes time and practice, and that’s what we do here at  Applying these tips will greatly increase the benefits of your SEO efforts throughout this year. Contact us if you are looking for assistance growing your brand awareness in 2015, and we will help you create and implement strategies customized to your business.

5 SEO Tips for 2015

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