5 Must Know Digital Marketing Terms

ECommerce, PPC Management, SEO, Keyword Research, and Reputation Management

At, we focus on providing world class digital marketing campaign strategies, social media management, web design, and web development solutions. Our industry jargon, acronyms, and specialized terms can be challenging to grasp for anyone seeking first-time help from the pros, or for those who are new to the ever-changing world of digital marketing. To get familiar with basic digital marketing vocabulary, explore our 5 must know digital marketing terms and how each Bigfin service can benefit your business.

  1. PPC Management

First, PPC is an acronym for pay-per-click—a type of advertising that attracts individuals who are looking to buy a product or service instantly. Businesses can bid on the opportunity to display their ads (which appear juxtaposed to the searches on when online users search for what a business offers.

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With Bigfin’s PPC management, we incorporate PPC campaigns, landing pages, chat, and email marketing campaigns to improve user engagement. This allows Bigfin the ability to track every call and visitor that reaches your business. Furthermore, algorithms are utilized to update your business bids or budgets on a 30 minute basis to maximize the total clicks or conversions received in your PPC budget. Overall, this benefits your business as it equals to an increased return for the same budget, resulting in a lowered cost of business.

Note: SEO results may fluctuate depending on what device and security is being used. For example, mobile devices may display more Twitter feeds in your business’s SEO results, while a Google Desktop may display a map and ads. On the other hand, installing ad blocker on your computer may or may or may not show ads.

  1. Keyword Research

Keywords (also known as “search terms”) are words or phrases online users input into a search engine when looking for specific information online. Bigfin’s extensive keyword research assesses the competitiveness and value of each potential keyword that may be used for your site. From there, a keyword strategy develops and the most cost-effective, valuable, and appropriate keywords are chosen. When keyword research is complete, keyword targets will be created based on your business and other necessary data. These keywords will be utilized to optimize your website and site pages in search and are typically displayed in the URL, title tags, image names, meta descriptions, and beyond.

  1. Reputation Management

How is your business reputation or online image? Whether your business is raving with excellent reviews or needs some assistance in building your brand, Bigfin’s reputation management will protect and enhance your business name. With our use of content creation, social media, SEO optimization, press releases, and beyond, Bigfin will build up your online image, while safeguarding your business from future problems.

  1. SEO

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”, which involves creating organic, top-notch content, and descriptive tags on a website. Bigfin’s SEO work strives to boost traffic to a business’s website, using keyword research, converting clicks to calls, and calls to clients. Need to improve your rank on search engines? Focusing on organic results by Google or Bing is more favorable than paid-for advertising. Likewise, online users are more likely to click on organic results that rank on page one of a search engine. Our professional SEO team will make sure your website and business will not only reach, but remain high up in the ranks.

  1. Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce is any sort of business or commercial transactions online. Examples of ecommerce websites include retail, music, and trading good websites. Bigfin can create ecommerce websites that stimulate purchasing behavior while creating an effective buying experience for current and prospective customers. We do this by seamlessly combining great visual design and web development that has been custom tailored to fit your business’s needs. We will make sure that your ecommerce website is eye-catching, promotes your brand, and most importantly, advocates business growth in the long run.

The industry terms that we have outlined above can change indefinitely. This means we must always stay up-to-date on current and future technology circulating through the digital marketing world. We acclimate to change with ease, while keeping up with current digital marketing modifications and trends.

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