5 Facebook Changes Businesses Should Know About

Facebook is constantly making changes and improvements that impact the way businesses and their followers use the site, but sometimes these changes fly under the radar. Here are five Facebook changes you should know about as a business owner:

1.)  Facebook Pin to Top Feature

Facebook changes

The drop-down box shows the Pin to Top option.

Facebook business pages can now pin content to the top of their page that will remain in this position even after future posts have been made. To use this feature, all you need to do is go to your page’s Timeline, hover over the top-right corner of the post and click the drop-down arrow. The Pin to Top option will be listed.

This handy feature was Facebook’s answer to its competitor Twitter, which offered the ability to pin content when it made its dramatic new Twitter profile updates in the spring. Brands can use this feature to pin a post that really exemplifies the marketing message they want to get across to their audience in any given week while continuing to update their audience of other developments throughout the week.

2.)  Facebook Save

Facebook changes

Facebook now has a drop-down option that lets you save Pages and articles for later review.

Over the summer, Facebook introduced a Save feature that allows people to save interesting links, places, movies, and music to look at later. Since most people access Facebook through a mobile app while on the go, they may not have the time at any given moment to fully absorb everything that interests them in their News Feed. Businesses that actively share blog posts, white papers and other resources on their company page can encourage their users to save the content for later review to help maximize the reach of that content.

3.)  Trending Topic Posts Get a Boost in News Feed

Facebook changes

Trending topics

It’s tougher than it used to be to get your followers to see your posts now that Facebook’s algorithm reduces the number of business posts appearing in News Feeds. One way you can get your posts in front of more eyes is to create trending topics posts. In September, Facebook adjusted its News Feed once again to help posts on trending topics get greater exposure. In other words, if you carefully craft a post on a hot topic, Facebook is more likely to show it immediately and higher up in your followers’ News Feeds.

4.)  Facebook Cracks Down on Click-Baiting

Facebook changes

Facebook provided this post as an example of click-baiting in a recent update.

Business owners have tried lots of tactics over the years to boost clicks on their posts. One of the more misguided methods is “click-baiting,” or not leaving enough information in your teaser text for your followers to determine whether they are interested in clicking on a link you’ve shared. Basically, this method baits people into clicking on your posts to get the full story rather than drawing them in with compelling content. After determining most Facebook users didn’t appreciate this tactic, Facebook adjusted its algorithm to help filter out these type of posts.

5.)  Facebook Pages to Watch

Facebook Changes

Facebook provides a screenshot of the Pages to Watch feature

Facebook provides business page owners with analytics that help them determine which of their posts are most successful. But did you know Facebook offers a Pages to Watch feature that lets admins create a list of competitors and compare their performance to that of others in their industry? Facebook provides instructions on how to use this feature here. This is a great way to see how your social media marketing strategies stack up against your competitors. You’ll view your Pages to Watch by clicking the Insights tab and then the Overview tab.

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