4 Ways to Fall Back in Love with Your Job


Love is in the air, but is your passion for work fizzling out? Sometimes it is a simple case of the “Mondays”, but other times we feel stuck in a perpetual rut. When we first start a new job, we feel energized, motivated, and on top of our game. With time, we may lose our zeal, and fall out of love with our job. In fact, 85% of employees worldwide are disengaged at work. In spirit of Valentine’s Day and the season of love, read on to discover four ways to fall back in love with your job.

Start with Small Changes

Having a routine is important, but can eventually result in boredom. Implementing the smallest change has the power to alter your perspective on your job. Try transforming your work space by decorating or cleaning it out to give it some life. Stuck sitting at your desk all day? Take short walks to rejuvenate yourself. Small breaks can provide a quick energizing mental boost.

Go Outside your Comfort Zone

Have you been working at your job for quite some time? Mastering your skills and responsibilities is important, but can reduce one’s enthusiasm for the work itself. Being challenged is a human need. Therefore, stepping out of your comfort zone is another way to energize your outlook. For example, try scoping out new responsibilities such as a new project or task outside of your regular workload. Furthermore, take it upon yourself to learn a new skill. Not only will that help inspire your passion, but your new skill can be a valuable asset to your job.

What Can You Fix?

One of the biggest reasons employees are not engaged with work is due to frustration. Discover what you can change. If you do not agree with the direction of a project, propose an alternate solution. Is your work schedule chaotic? Speak to your employer to set boundaries and provide a plausible schedule that works for the both of you. While there are things that are out of your control, it is important to speak up when you can for positive change.

Ponder back to your Honeymoon Phase

Think back—what allured you to your current job in the beginning? Reflecting can help reminisce on goals and dreams that were once left behind or forgotten. The best route is to reflect on the positives and realize your personal and career growth. Look how far you have come! Take a moment and be proud of your accomplishments. Positive thinking is key. Thus, love what you do and how you choose to do it.

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