Part I | 4 Personality Types in the Workplace: Understanding Others

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Do you have trouble understanding how your colleagues operate? Not everyone is easy to figure out. Sometimes the best way to understand how to work with others, is to have a better understanding of how you work yourself. The general ideology of personality types being broken up into “categories” was first created by our ancient Greek ancestors. They established four main archetypes, and it is from there where the four main personality types emerged. The big four that people fall under are: Driver, Expressive, Analytical, & Amiable. In this blog, we break down each of the four personality types and help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Personality Type | Driver

The driver exudes confidence and naturally gravitates toward leadership roles. They get the prize for being most active and decisive. Drivers usually have a great sense of the big picture. However, they fail to be detail-oriented. Furthermore, drivers are visionaries and goal setters. They understand where projects need to go. Unfortunately, they are not that skilled at setting up the strategic steps to get there.

Pros | Decisive, Determined, Independent, Visionaries

Cons | Insensitive, Unsympathetic, Sarcastic, Proud

Personality Type | Analytical

Analytical personality types are very deep and thoughtful. They set extremely high standards, almost to a fault. Those with this personality type are usually very serious and purposeful individuals. Additionally, they are very organized and orderly. They often want things done right the first time. The analytical personality type is quite opposite of the drivers in the sense that they tend to over-analyze, which can often lead to indecision.

­Pros | Perfectionists, Tidy, Economical, Self-Disciplined

Cons | Moody, Critical, Negative, Indecisive

Personality Type | Amiable

Amiable personality types are the most patient and typically well-balanced individuals. They are quiet but witty. Best of all, they are pleasant to be around and are sympathetic to others as they take great caution to not offend others. They are very diplomatic, and are often the “peace keepers” of the office. Likewise, they avoid conflict at all costs, and most everyone gets along with them. On the other hand, amiable personalities can be stubborn and selfish, as their lack of confrontation can be seen as a weakness to others.

Pros | Likable, Patient, Diplomatic, Sympathetic

Cons | Stubborn, Selfish, Quiet, Feeble

Personality Type | Expressive

The expressive personality type is the most outgoing of the four. They know how to have fun and make light of difficult situations. They also value inclusion in all conversations. Those who are more expressive can be pretty ambitious and persuasive; however they can also come off as loud and undisciplined. They are charismatic and generous, but sometimes they need to learn when it is most appropriate to be quiet.

­Pros | Ambitious, Outgoing, Persuasive, Charismatic

 Cons | Disorganized, Loud, Undisciplined, Talkative

Which of the Four Main Personality Types are you? 

Managing a plethora of personality types can have its challenges. However, at Bigfin we believe in working smarter not harder. Understanding which personality types your colleagues fall under is the first step to clearer communication and more effective management. Looking for more? Be sure to look out for our next blog (coming soon!) on how each personality type is motivated in part II of this personality blog series.

Take the five-minute personality quiz here.

This quiz gauges which personality type you identify with most.

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