Frequently Asked Questions

Does my company need to take advantage of all of your services, every month?

No, if you’d like, you can start with one service, like our SEO service, and then add micro-targeted display (MTD) advertising later or just certain times of the year. However, some of our services are offered together. For example, we manage our clients’ social media as a part of the organic search or SEO service we provide. Furthermore, SEO clients who determine that they need their website redesigned can come to us for web design as a separate service with a separate quote.

Does Bigfin work with other advertising/marketing or communications agencies?

Yes, we do. In many cases, a client’s current advertising or marketing agency does not specialize in online work, so we partner up with them to supplement traditional advertising and marketing efforts with our cutting edge digital services. These partnerships with other agencies make sense, and are beneficial to the client.

Do you create e-commerce and non e-commerce websites?

Yes! We have expertise and technical creativity with both.

What budget does a client need to have for your micro-targeted, online display advertising?

We work with businesses to determine an appropriate budget for their objectives on a case-by-case basis. Big budgets often yield big results, but we’ve worked wonders with smaller budgets as well.

Where does your micro-targeted display advertising appear online?

Micro-targeted display (MTD) advertising appears across the web wherever your target audience is browsing online. Before starting an MTD ad campaign, we work with businesses to determine their ideal or target audience. Upon launch of a campaign, their ads will be shown to that specific audience online. It is very effective!

How much do your web design services cost?

The cost of web design can vary greatly depending on the size and complexity of the website. Sites that feature e-commerce or advanced functionality will come at a higher cost due to the added hours that go into building and polishing the advanced features. Please contact us to discuss your project and we will provide a detailed quote.